About the European Hub of the Global Network of Centers for Internet and Society (NoC)

The European members of the Global Network of Centers for Internet and Society (NoC) have launched the European Hub in October 2017 to support scientific discussion and cooperation between internet researchers in Europe. The hub is being created as a regional chapter of the NoC that congregates members of the Network, as foreseen in the NoC Roadmap 2017/18.

The aim is to coordinate internet research centers in the whole of Europe in order to strengthen European internet research on an international level. European cooperation on internet and society research is one of the hub’s key concerns, as is the opportunity to leverage synergies between research projects.

At the heart of the hub’s work is independent and interdisciplinary research about the opportunities and challenges of digital technology, innovation and European society. The first steps will be to create a common European research agenda, regional workshops and conferences as well as developing guidelines and ethical standards for internet research. “Artificial Intelligence” is the first common research focus.

For the first two years, the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) will take the lead in the coordination of the hub. Alongside the newly founded European hub, the Digital Asia Hub has operated in Hong Kong since 2015.

Activities & events


16 May 2019, Tilburg

The Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT) is very pleased to host the next European Hub NoC meeting during the TILTING 2019 Conference in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The meeting will take place in the afternoon and evening of Thursday May 16th 2019. Please find the program below. Registration for the EU Hub meeting is not obligatory, but please let us know if you plan to attend by sending an email. If you want to attend the TILTING conference, please do not forget to register here. If you have any further questions you can also send an email to Merel Noorman. We look forward catching up with all are fellow EU Hub NOC members and hope to see you at the meeting!

Check out the program!




November 2018, Haifa
Artificial Intelligence: ethical and legal implications - An international workshop for young scholars

The European Hub of the NoC has convened its first workshop for young scholars to address the social, ethical and legal implications of AI-based technologies. We invited doctoral candidates and junior scholars (up to 3 years from receiving their degree) from all partnering centers to apply. We have welcomed both traditional and interdisciplinary approaches, from all disciplines, including social sciences, computer science, data sciences, political theory, philosophy, law, among others. The workshop has marked one of the first steps for the newly founded European Hub in joining forces to better coordinate research in the field of internet and society and foster synergies, as well as developing guidelines and ethical standards for internet research.


Videos of the talks and discussions

Organized by: The Center for Cyber Law & Policy, University of Haifa (CCLP) & and the European Hub




Current lead of the European Hub:
Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG)

Interested in the work of the European Hub of the NoC?
Please contact Helene von Schwichow at noc@hiig.de.

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